Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Review of Go Max Go Candy

Who likes candy?
I do! I do!

I was really happy to get the chance to try 7 fantastic bars from Go Max Go foods recently. I can't wait to tell you about these yummy vegan, non gm candy bars.

4 of the 7 flavors are gluten free (Cleo, Thumbs Up, Snap and Mahalo) and all are a fantastic alternative to your average candy bar. I had helpers for this review. My son was thrilled to get a few nibbles of candy and my husband didn't mind helping sample either.

I liked the Cleo Cups. They were smooth, delicious and in my opinion much better than the standard old Reese's. This was my favorite. I am really hoping to find it at Whole Foods this weekend.

My son liked Snap! We don't allow him to have candy very often so he really liked this treat! My husband really liked it too. He said it was a lot more filling than a Nestle Crunch. He liked the thickness of the candy bar.

My husband and I both liked Twilight. It was really yummy, the perfect blend of caramel and chocolate nougat. It was sweet, smooth, the caramel was buttery and it was perfect for sharing. I felt like this was more of a candy bar. It was more filling, it had a good flavor that tasted... real. That's the thing. Go Max Go Candy Bars are made with real ingredients.

The Thumbs Up Bar was also pretty spectacular. It was like a Butterfinger, but better. It reminded me of a chick-o-stick dipped in chocolate. My husband and son liked this one too. My son liked the crispiness and the sweetness, it was dance worthy, a sure sign that he liked whatever he tried.

I would happily buy any of the Go Max Go candy bars for my family. I liked the flavor and that they were non gmo.

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